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Project Arcane

This is an original Krozhj Creations project. Our team consists of avid roleplayers and worldbuilders, and so we have undertaken the titanic task of creating our very own tabletop roleplaying game!


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Update #1

We're pleased to announce that the project is now officially underway with the assembly of a development team! However, there is plenty of work to be done.
While we have many fun and original ideas about how we want the final product to be development of the game itself have not started yet. Instead we are focusing on establishing the lore. In order to maximize immersion we want all of the various systems of the game to be closely related to the lore itself.
It is also important to note that while the scope of the project is ambitious it is still a passion project, and as such development will remain irregular for now. Hopefully as development goes on and more updates are posted both in this blog and on our social media we will attract some attention and interest.
For now there is not much else to say about Project Arcane. If you are interested in the lore we're currently developing you can check some of it out every now and then on our social media. There is also the possibility to visit our world of Crathlond on World Anvil.
Hope to see you all in the future!

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