Krozhj Creations
From ideas, into reality


This website was born from the idea of connecting people all across the globe in order to help their creative ideas grow into something tangible. No matter if you're a painter, a writer, or a musician the big idea is that you will find like-minded creationists right here. Toegther people from all creative disciplines can build something truly magnificent!

On other platforms

As a network we seek to have a multitude of channels for where we can share our creativity with the rest of the world in order to inspire. Hence we make ourselves known on several other platforms and social media.

Our Facebook page is our blog. Here we share news of upcoming and ongoing projects, as well as display the creativity of the Krozhj Creations network as a whole. Here we also share personal stories every now and then to allow our followers to acquaint themselves better with us.


On our Instagram we share media-based content such as photographies, paintings, and short videos.


As a chat platform Discord truly allow our network to get together and share ideas with eachother. It's always useful to have someone to share ideas and get feedback from, and this is where such needs can be properly met and satisfied.


Every now and then creative freedom take us in the direction of making videos. Either we display our creative process, or we simply might want to make a playthrough of something. Content creation is, after all, creative as well.

Team Projects

These sort of projects are driven by the network's administrators and developers. While the community as a whole aren't involved with development of these projects their opinions matter. Krozhj Creations aim to be inclusive and non-descriminating, and as such everyone have their right to voice their opinion. And in the end the projects that fall under this category will be fully available to the rest of the community.

Community Projects

These projects are driven by the community as a whole, meaning that anyone is allowed to contribute. However, in order to be able to ensure quality and the following of the Krozhj Creations vision the administration team will review all contributions before their inclusion can be accepted. Every single contribution will receive the proper credit in said projects!